Disclosure + Privacy Policy

This policy is valid from May 2015

While all the opinions and ideas on here are my own, I do accept forms of cash advertising, sponsorship or other forms of compensation on select blog posts. I only work with and or/endorse companies and products I like and believe my readers will like too. Rest assured I am in complete control of the the creative content on our blog, and put a lot of work and effort into every post. I do NOT accept sponsorships that are pre-written or have no aesthetic place or add value to our community.

Gifted items will be noted by a c/o in the outfit details sections and paid posts will be detailed in the actual post.

You may also find affiliate links in many of my “shop-able links”. This is a program set up for bloggers which makes it easy to gather together product links and deliver them to the reader directly. I may receive a small commission from items purchased though those links. It all depends on the individual agreement I have with each vendor or brand.

Privacy Policy

Your privacy is very important to me and I committed to protecting it. I ask for your email address when you make a comment on our site, but we will never sell or share that information unless you are the winner of giveaway. You will also find links to third party websites on this site. I am not responsible for the privacy policies so please check with the individual site’s own privacy policy should have a concern.

If you have any questions about our Privacy Policy, please contact Sararose at dressedindisney@gmail.com.