Beignets For Days | A Mickey Shaped Disneyland Staple Has Made It's Way To Disney World

Sugar High Ahead: Mickey Shaped Beignets Have Made It To Disney World

Sassagoula Floatworks and Food Factory at Port Orleans is now serving the famous Mickey Shaped beignets we love from Disneyland's New Orleans Square. 

Just a bit over a month ago now Disney introduced the powdered sugar sweet treats we have come to love so much on the west coast to the east coast and we are so excited!

Back in April, we stuffed our faces with our fair share of beignets. Let's be honest you can never really have too many. 

After stuffing our faces with beignets, we hung out in Pixie Hollow and sat in my favorite little relaxing nook by Mad Hatter's. 
I loved putting this look together. I got the pink velvet ears from Shop House Of Mouse, the blazer is from Forever 21 and I got the matching shorts to go with it. I paired it with our Mouse Babe 'Beignets For Days' tee in pink and my go to favorite jean skirt from Express. 
I pretty much think it is impossible for me to go to Disney and not be layered in Couture Kingdom jewelry. 
It is an absolute Disney necessity.
I came up with the idea for this tee design in the real New Orleans! I actually came up with the idea before I even connected it to Disney. My best friends live in NOLA and I always love visiting the French Quarter with them and sharing beignets.
I LOVE THE PRINCESS AND THE FROG! Actually my best friend (that lives in NOLA) reminds me so much of Lottie. And Tiana is such a girlboss, I love her drive and ambition. I loved putting all of these worlds together for such a sweet tee. 
Looking back on such a magical day spent with great friends out west, on a perfect sunny California day. 
I can not wait to get back to Disneyland this Fall, I am hoping to get there sooner to see Pixar Pier, but I am not sure if that will happen. 
Have you tried the beignets in Disney World? Was it your first time? What do you think? How do you think they compare to the beignets in Disneyland?
As always lots of love and can't wait to see how you are dressing in Disney! #dressedindisney @dressedindisney.

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