The Best Dressed in Disney DIY's

Hi y'all !!
Looking for the perfect craft to do on a rainy day or can't seem to figure out what to do with a boring day ? Disney diys are the way to go y'all ! 
I've come up with three super cute, simple & inexpensive diys for whatever kind of day you are having! 


1. We all love a good flower pot to grow succulents & flowers in & when you combine that with Disney you get the perfect combination ! All you need is paint, flowers pots & a little creativity ! I'm attaching some super cute examples to inspire y'all ! 
2. Another super cute craft is to grab some paints, brushes, a canvas & your favorite Disney quote or character ! After you're done you have a super cute new room decoration to hang ! I found this super cute one from UP & I LOVE it!! 
3. Lastly, & probably my favorite is these super shoes !! Target sells shoes like these for $16.99 in white, red & black ! Grab a little bit of paint & some paint pens & you'll be set ! 
Hope this inspires you to get your creativity on y'all ! After you're finished post it on Instagram & tag us because we would love to see your Disney diys !! 
Be creative & have fun y'all ! 

madelyn martin Dressed in Disney | blogger

Hi there! I'm Madelyn & I'm a lover of dreaming big, sunshine, creativity & memorable moments.

I was born in the lovely state of Texas where my heart will always belong but I am currently in the sunny state of Florida loving friends, family & being neighbors with Mickey Mouse! You'll find me reading a good book, riding around in my convertible, or enjoying a new adventure. Disney has been a part of many of my favorite childhood memories, teaching me to always dream big, live a life of color & to always have a little faith, trust & pixie dust in whatever I do!

Looking to forward to sharing the magic with each of you!



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